Working for a New global economy


  • Cryptocurrency Name: AikiCoin
  • Algorithm: X11
  • PoW Supply: 1200
  • Block Time: 60 seconds

Master Node

MN (Masternodes) are known as linked validation systems. They are servers that support the network of a chain of blocks and help to enable things that miners can not do by themselves using the concept of proof of work.

Block Chain

Blockchain is a public and distributed database in which all transactions are recorded. It is a public accounting that works through a distributed network of computers, that is, it does not require any central authority or third parties to act as intermediaries.

Video Introducing


  • Quarter 4

    More echanges listing

    1000 + Masternodes Online

    New Gateways for Aiki core

    Stablish conditions for use Aiki in daily use through Different's gateways like Facebook, Google and Amazon.

  • Quarter 3

    Update Aiki core to 2.1V

    Add speed improvements for fast index

    Update Whitepaper and roadmap to 2.1V

  • Quarter 2

    Release Mobile wallet's (iOs And Android)

    Move Aiki to more echanges

    Forum for the community

    Adversting Campaign

  • Quarter 1

    Wallets online and running

    Seeds UP TO Date and Running

    Website, discord, Bounty program running

    Fund's Raising for development and echange start




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